400 Tracks

Ideal for use on commercial vehicles weighing up to 40,000 lbs that require off-road mobility. Designed for heavy loads and smooth rides, the 400M1A1 track conversion system features a 20" wide front track and 30" wide rear track. The 400 Series is a hub mounted design in order to facilitate a fast conversion from tires to tracks with little to no vehicle modification. This model also features Mattracks exclusive, patented rubber torsion anti-torque system, steering assist, and rocker suspension.

Mattracks 400 Series track conversion system adds versatility to commercial and industrial specialty vehicles such as drilling rigs, aerial devices, vacuum trucks, and other service/maintenance vehicles. Markets include, but not limited to, oil and gas, utility, agriculture, construction, mining, exploration, tourism, and search and rescue.


Exclusive Anti-Torque System Rubber Torsion
Frame Construction HSLA Steel
Recommended Max Gross per corner Front: 7,500 lbs / Rear 12,500 lbs
Internal Suspension Concentric Pivot w/ Independent Offset Rocker Arm
Track Tread Width Front: 20" / Rear: 30"
Tread Style All-Terrain Self-Cleaning
Track Material Rubber with Internal Composite Rods and Cord
Recommended Operating Temperature (Ambient) -40°F to +130°F (-40°C to +55°C)
Axle Height 25.5"
Ground Contact Area (3" Depression) 6,380 in² (at 3" depth)
Corners 4
Sprocket Diameter 24"
Wheels (Shielded & Sealed Bearings) 2.5" Wide - Front: (11) 10", (3) 13" / Rear: (22) 10"
Recommended Max Speed** 20 mph
Turning Radius Same as original vehicle
Maximum Operating Side Slope (Grade)* 25%
Terrain All-Terrain
Maximum Distance Off Road Indefinite
Maximum Distance Hard Surface** @ Below 80°F (26°C): Indefinite
@ Above 80°F (26°C) 15 Miles at Max Speed

NOTE: Some trimming of vehicle body parts may be required. Vehicles may require optional Steering Assist kit or upgraded power steering.

* Depending on vehicle | ** For maximum tread life. Contact Mattracks if your application requires higher speeds | *** Some vehicles require slight alterations

All specifications are approximate, your vehicle's performance may differ. We reserve the right to make changes or modifications without notification